Why Shop with us?

Cats, we love them and we welcome you to our exciting store. At Cat Karma Creations we know that their cute little whisker faces with heart-shaped noses and unconditional love can definitely heal our hearts and put smiles on our faces. It is well evidenced that cats are therapeutic for our minds and souls. They have a calming and positive effect on our whole well being, they make us happy and fill our lives with love.

That is why we here at Cat Karma Creations hope to bring you fun, inspired, and unique finds to instill happiness, well-being, and love with our favorite 4 legged meowy friends being key to your shopping experience with our best cat jewelry.

Have you noticed that they are yoga masters as well? Purrfect stretch, purrfect peace, and purrfect balance! Why not take a look at our Yoga/Meditation and Chakra jewelry? You set the trend with our handpicked products just for you.

At Cat Karma Creations, you will find unique handmade products as well as beautiful Silver Jewellery and inspirational gift ideas with cats being central to our love story. Love Dogs? We have that covered with our unique dog themed jewelry.

Please also visit Cat Karma Boutique under “Apparel”, where you will find one of a kind tees and related merchandise for the cat and yoga lover, as well as more fabulous fashion ideas.

We aim to bring you great and interesting finds that we hope you will love and want to return to that inspire happiness and wellbeing. Your one-stop-shop for Meowsome, Pawsome cat and healing merch to help you also find that special gift and feel Meowgical!

You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions or requirements regarding our bespoke handmade range which can be made to order. We will do our absolute best to accommodate or just leave a comment, we would love to hear from you.

We hope to see you again, enjoy your visit.

Thank you and take care x

“Inner peace is the secret of life and every day is a fresh start”
“Just one small positive thought in the morning, can change your whole day”
Dalai Lama

Time with your cat is never wasted”
Sigmund Freud
(who are we to argue with the father of psychoanalysis)