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Cat Accessories

Beautiful handpicked Cat-themed accessories to take the headache out of gift buying. We strive to bring you different and inspiring products that you will love. Afterall cats inspire happiness!

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  • SALE 21% Floppy Fish Cat Toy

    Floppy Fish Cat Toy

    C$28.00 C$22.00

    Fun durable not easy to damage. Safe for your kitty (Pet Safe no toxins).
    The fish shape designs are great, keeping your cat entertained for hours.
    USB charging. Washable exterior.

  • SALE 27%

    Funny Cat Bed


    Funny Cat Bed, why not treat your cat to a new fun cat bed to rest his weary whiskers.
    Funny and very cute. These may not last.

  • SALE 27%

    Cute Black Cat Car Set


    Black Cat Car Set. Personalize and “catify” your ride with this gorgeous and purrfect set.
    Choose from a seatbelt cover, lumbar or neck pillow, and rear view mirror cover.
    Sure to make any car journey more fun!

  • SALE 5%

    Glass Cat Cup

    C$20.00 C$19.00

    These fun glass cat cups will add a touch of style and happiness to your life. Buy a set or give away as the purrfect gift for the crazy cat lover/s in your life. An unusual gift, fill with chocolates, treats, or some cat jewelry to make it an extra special gift.

  • SALE 19% 4653-c75a28.jpeg

    Color Changing Cat Mug

    C$42.00 C$34.00

    Color Changing Cat Mug. Now you see me, now you don’t!

    This magical heat-sensitive cup is sure to cause a “stir”.

    Just pour in hot water and see the picture slowly appear.  A funny and magical meow!

  • SALE 5% cute cat pillows

    Cute Pillow Cat

    C$19.00 C$18.00

    Cute Pillow Cat
    These cute kitties will bring a smile to any cat lover. With a stunning 3d look, in great colors, they will add a chic look to your home decor.
    Get yours ready for Christmas while stocks last. What will you call yours?

  • SALE 20% silk cat printed scarf

    Silk Cat Printed Scarf

    C$25.00 C$20.00

    Love Cats? Love scarves? You’ll love these stunning designs and colours.
    There are so many ways to wear a silk cat printed scarf so why not make your own statement with these beautiful scarves with oh so stylish cats.
    Such a great gift.


  • SALE 37% 3324-d98762.jpeg

    Women’s Cute Cat Canvas Backpack

    C$51.00 C$32.00

    Women’s Cute Cat Canvas Backpack. Have fun on your travels with this elegant cat design backpack. Great size and lightweight. This surely has to be a conversation piece amongst like-minded cat people. A gift for you and a friend, why not have the same bag. That’s what makes life a bit more fun.

  • SALE 34% 3288-b12f22.jpeg

    Cat Ears Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    C$62.00 C$41.00

    MEOW. Make a huge splash with these stylish cat ears stainless steel water bottles.
    These are sure to encourage you to drink more water.
    A meowsome gift for the cat lover who’s dedicated to keeping healthy.
    Your drinks will stay as cool as a cat. A Pawsome special gift too in beautiful colours.

  • SALE 21% Cute Cat Mug with Spoon and Lid

    Cute Cat Mug with Spoon and Lid

    C$42.00 C$33.00

    Relax with a and hot drink in this cute cat mug with spoon .
    Great for coffee, tea, hot chocolate.
    Especially for cat lovers.

  • SALE 31% Cat Shaped Plush Cushion

    Cat Shaped Plush Cushion Beautiful and Fun


    Gorgeous Plush Cat Cushions, we all love cats or know people that are batty cats. These cute kitties are sure to please. They will add such an air of elegance to any home. Place them anywhere, even in your car, take them with you! Soft and cuddly in great colours too. A truly purrfect gift for any cat lover. Start your Christmas shopping early.
    Please allow extra time for delivery at the moment. Thank you.

  • Healing and Calming Cat


    Natural Stone Healing, Calming Cat in various Gemstones

    Feel the energy by carrying this beautiful natural stone cat with you wherever you go, or place it near you for added calm in your life. Each stone is unique with a different meaning and colours can vary. A stunning and unusual gift for any cat lover’s life.

    * Please allow added shipping time due to the current circumstances.

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