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Chakra means wheel and refers to the seven spiritual and physical energy points in the body. These spinning discs of energy should remain open and aligned to balance the body and mind. Many semi-precious stones have spiritual meanings and can assist in restoring our Chakra.

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    Chakra Earrings Natural Stones


    Beautiful Chakra Earrings Natural Stones will bring balance to your energy centers.
    When our chakras are healthy and glowing strongly we feel good. By wearing chakra jewelry or using chakra stones in healing we are giving focus to this state of balance.

  • SALE 31% Natural Stone Planet Bracelet

    Natural Stone Planet Bracelet


    Beautiful Unisex Natural Stone Planet Bracelet.  Check out the variations of this bracelet in the image gallery below. A unique gift for anyone interested in Astrology or just wanting to show off the beautiful planets of the Solar System. Available in 3 variations available. BS = Blue Stone PB = Purple Blue Stone & Lava Stone.

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    Natural Stone Mala Yoga Bracelet or Necklace


    Natural Stone Mala Yoga Bracelet or Necklace with metal charms or heart charm pendants.
    Choose from Indian Agate, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Howlite, Tourmaline, White Howlite. Subject to availability.
    Due to the nature of semi-precious stones, each is unique so no 2 products are exactly the same which adds to its appeal.

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    Stylish Semi-Precious Stone Owl Bracelet Set


    Semi-Precious Stone Owl Bracelet Set
    Add a touch of sparkle and stylishness to any outfit with the semi-precious stone owl bracelet set. Featuring an eye-catching design, this beautiful accessory is perfect for making a bold statement. Shop now to ensure you get your own set today!

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    Stunning Natural Stone Meditation Yoga Necklace


    Stunning Natural Stone Meditation and Yoga Necklace

    Feel inspired and beautiful with this natural hand-made gemstone necklace. Each stone is individually knotted and each stone is as individual as you. Colours will vary as each is unique.

    Feel in touch with nature.

  • SALE 31% cat and ball charm bracelet

    Stunning Silver crystal Cat and Ball charm Bracelet


    Stunning Silver crystal Cat and Ball charm Bracelet

    Love Cats? You will love this Stunning Silver crystal Cat and Ball charm Bracelet. Inspires fun and happiness. A truly wonderful gift for any cat lover.

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